Design Wallcoverings

Designer wall murals printed to size. Made out of love for pretty things. Browse our collections and find something for yourself. Haven't found design that suits exactly your needs? Order an individual project.
Elfi Garden Falbala Nebbia Oasis Sofi Treetop Walk

Luxury textile wallpaper

Imagine walls covered with a sophisticated fabric... Here you will find classical exclusive materials such as Italian velvets, Indian silks or Belgian suede in a modern interpretation. Our wall textiles combine craftsmanship and elegance with contemporary style
Capital Pietra Noblesse Linen
Driftwood Dune Grasshopper Suedine

Vinyl contract wallcoverings

When functionality, durability and resistance are important, while providing refined texture and subtle decorative values.
Groove Lucca Jumble Belize Axis Aswan